Said no one ever!

The worst part of travel expense reports is having to organise receipts along with their intended purposes on spreadsheets. Lost receipts don't help either.

Up to my ears in expense reports and spreadsheets. 📈📂
Thinking tropical thoughts 💭🏝

There there.

Reviewing intl. travel expense reports is allowing me to practice my Spanish 🤓💃🏻

International travel makes it even harder. Especially if you can't read the and recall where did you spend those pesos :(

I always have fun with expense reports when I do not know which ticket I used when because the ink went away.

This is such a big problem. Are these inks designed to make our lives harder?

Printing out my own expense reports. It was never supposed to be about this. Lord...never this

Just. How. Much. Paper. we waste filing expense reports...Ugh..

Traveling = awesome; Expense reports = not awesome.

I will literally use this as the title of our next post.

And the tweet of the week goes to..

I've come to the conclusion that filling out expense reports is character building. Either that or the people behind the curtain of expense reports are part of a huge psychology experiment on how much it takes to break a human spirit.