It appears we all file our expense reports right at the last minute. Why do we keep punting on it till the last minute?

No, I'm not doing two weeks worth of expense reports at 11pm because they're due tomorrow and totally forgot...

Well someone's gotta do it! 🤷

It has just taken me 30 mins to submit 2 expense reports for less than $100 via people soft. What a great way to be using my Saturday morning

30 minutes every two weeks can't be spent on something so soul sucking as expense reporting. We so need to find a better way to do this.

Can you finish this poem? Please.

Expense reports, expense reports, oh how I hate thee ...

Why must we do expense reports? Ehy can’t they just pay them? It’s not like you go on a shopping spree w the...

Interesting question. The most common answer is tax and financial compliance that manifests itself into processes that requires everyone to jump multiple hoops.

Using our newsroom expense reporting system is your punishment for ever spending money.

Well again, you're not alone. Almost all expense reporting software sucks.

Expense reports really are miserable, regardless of the fact that I get my own $$ back. Where are all those receipts?! #worklife


I also need to build my schedule for the month and submit 3 expense reports. Fuck everything.

I so do not envy you.

Expense reports are so draining

Well this sums up this whole site.