I love business trips. I hate expense reports.

Business trips are fun and useful but they are almost always followed by hours spent dealing with complicated expense reports.

Traveling for work is cool and all but these dam expense reports

So true

the worst part of a two-week business trip is sorting through two weeks worth of receipts for expense reports

It seems the longer the trips, the more life sucking the expense reports get.

Corporate travel is all fun and games until you have to submit those expense reports.

Here's another person who loves to travel and get stuff done but like everyone else hates the expense reporting that follows it. Is there really no respite?

Me at beginning of month:
I looooove to travel 😍
Me at end of month doing expense report:
πŸ–•πŸΌπŸ–•πŸΌπŸ–•πŸΌπŸ–•πŸΌ travel, especially international fees πŸ˜’