It pains me to say this but the new @freshbooks is making my life more difficult... there's no longer an option to see all expenses on one page or to filter expenses by whether it has a receipt attached. And also can't create expense reports for just one category of expenses. Boo

As far as systems are concerned, this is still an unsolved problem.

did not think it was possible for the university expense reporting software to become more user-hostile, but here we are

Millions of venture capital in funding has chased this problem but a good solid solution loved by people is still absconding.

If you don't value HCI just try using Concur once to submit an expense report
So true.

The new expense reporting system is garbage.

You're not alone friend.

Expense reporting systems are a pox upon the earth.

Here's someone who doesn't like to mince his words.

Expensify continues to do my head in. Seems designed by accountants for accountants

We agree. One of the prime reasons why expense reporting remains a chore hated universally, is that interests of people filing them are largely ignored.