What makes Expense Reporting so stressful? Is it paperwork? the need to find old bills?

wow expense reports are stressful!!!

Well, yes.

Or is it dealing with so many numbers together in an attempt to match/reconcile paper receipts and entries on an excel sheet?

Expense reports are not fun. Especially when the sire refuses to match expenses that go together.

Or is simply because it takes so much time to do and takes up so much energy?

Favourite part of my job is when I fill out expense reports and it annihilates my will to live

Or is it the fear that if you make a mistake, it would cost you, like literally cost you $$?

If someone had told me about expense reports I would have absolutely refused to grow up.

Whatever be the reason or set of reasons, one thing is clear. That it is universally hated.

It’s expense report week, which mean I have 2 solid days of procrastination before I fill out my expense reports.

Here's leaving you with someone imagining Bond doing his expense reports. You see, things are bad, even for super spies.

Bond: I’m due some money
M: you’ll need to submit expense reports, mister Bond
Bond: I had no idea! Who do I send them to?
M: they go to n with a tilde in accounting