If you made a list of things no one would ever volunteer for, expense reports would top the list.

Same here on the expense reports. My finance director doesn't appreciate my box full of receipts at the end of the year and makes me sort them all out. :(

Expense reports are the absolute worse. I’d legit rather do anything else.

Anyone would.

spent the day so far making expense reports man, im tired lol

The 'lol' at the end reeks of self pity.

That simultaneous feeling of "Thank god that's done" and "Holy crap, how much am I owed?!?!" that comes from finishing expense reports that go back two months.


Post work nap has been napped. Time to tackle these expense reports and ice my spine some more. Perhaps tonight my fairy godparent will visit me, & do some kind of magical song that’ll fix my back & complete the reports so I can go to the ball.

Perhaps we all need a fairy godparent to help us out with our expense reports.

I feel extra productive today, time sheets and expense reports done…

Don't even get me started on time sheets (it deserves a site of it's own) and yes life seems much more fun once expense reports are out of the way.

Pulling paperwork for taxes and expense reports are two of the worst ways to spend a Sunday afternoon.

I agree. The absolute worst.